Welcome to the Herizon House blog!

This blog post marks the first of many to come relating to violence against women on both a local and national spectrum and the resources available at Herizon House. Herizon House is a 30 bed shelter that opened its doors in 2004 and has been providing services to women and children fleeing violence and abuse ever since.

Herizon House offers a safe, non-judgmental, and completely confidential refuge from violence and abuse. The shelter provides information on violence against women, a social epidemic that effects everyone in a variety of ways and must be eliminated from our community and from our world, as well as so many other resources that are necessary to achieve this goal.

Every day 3,000 women and 2,500 children turn to a Canadian shelter to escape domestic violence (Source: canadianwomen.org); calling Herizon House is the first step towards a life of safety. The shelter offers 30 beds for women and children in crisis, reaching a total of around 110 women and 100 children seeking shelter at Herizon every year. There are also transitional support and outreach programs in place, which serve around 400 women every year.

The goal of this blog is to reach out to the digital community and spread awareness of the disease that is domestic violence. Knowing that there are resources like Herizon House in the community and feeling comfortable reaching out to them without feeling judged or stigmatized is a huge step in the direction of a safer and more accepting world. Not only will we be posting information on Herizon House and the services provided, but also relevant news articles, videos, and creative works relating to violence against women and its drastic effects on men, women, and children alike.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, our Facebook page, and this blog.

Always remember: you are not alone.

Rebecca Laufer
Social Media Coordinator