New Volunteer Opportunity! – Herizon House has recently become a part of a program to help abused women by providing shelter for their pets. There is overwhelming evidence to support the need for this service. We are responding to that need with a network of volunteers called Safe Families, Safe Pets – Durham.

For Information on this program, please contact Herizon House, or visit the SFSP-D Facebook page at:

At Herizon House, we endeavor to share our mission of hope with the community, to reach those in need, and to encourage others to help in the fight to end domestic violence.  It is rewarding to know that our message initiates so many offers of help in the form of volunteering. We truly thank everyone who lends their time to us for their generosity and support – we would not be able to do the work that we do without our amazing volunteers!

Herizon House volunteers are community members who, without financial compensation, offer time and service to the organization with the belief that their participation is beneficial to the community and rewarding to themselves. Volunteers participate in organizational activities as part of our team, working alongside and in conjunction with paid staff to assist Herizon House in

Although our varying needs as an organization result in different volunteer openings every season, here are a few examples of some positions held at Herizon House:

  • Donations Volunteer
  • Care Packages Volunteer
  • Christmas Donations Volunteer
  • Transportation & Handy-work Volunteer
  • Special Events/Fundraising Volunteer
  • Public Relations Volunteer

There are also many ways you can help at Herizon House without being one of our in-house volunteers. Organizing a charitable event, such as a backpack drive for back-to-school or a basket donation drive for Christmas time, or even various fundraising initiatives, could not only tremendously help the women and children at Herizon House but also fulfill your encouraged effort to aid your community.

All questions regarding volunteering or charitable efforts can be directed to

Herizon House Welcomes Students!

At Herizon House we welcome post-secondary students who are seeking their second practicum. We are seeking students who are studying Social Work or are in a Social Work related field of study, as that would be best suited for this environment.

What to expect?

Students wishing to complete a placement at Herizon House can expect a wide range of opportunities. You will grow and build on your counseling skills, advocacy, program implementation, facilitation of workshops and groups, case management, note-taking and much more.

At Herizon House we greatly value all opportunities to work with students and look forward to providing an enriching learning experience. If you are interested in applying please email our Administrator for more information at

Below are some comments from past students:

“Herizon House offered me a very eye-opening and well-rounded experience. The staff at Herizon House are incredibly supportive and very involved in their students’ learning and experience. Herizon House offers ample opportunity to learn and grow both as a worker and as a student. Through being in a great work environment supported by knowledgeable staff, I had an excellent experience completing a placement at Herizon House.”   - Nikki

“I highly value, and am very grateful for the quality of the mentorship that I had received at Herizon House.  It was invaluable to my future success after graduation!  Thanks so much!” – Linda