Durham Rape Crisis Centre

A feminist organization that believes in the equality of all people regardless of race, class, sexual orientation or gender

The Durham Rape Crisis Centre believes that we must be united throughout society in order to challenge and change existing beliefs, attitudes, policies and procedures that discriminate on the basis of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, classism, sexual orientation, ableism, ageism, weightism, marital status and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The DRCC is committed to taking an active role in our community to end all forms of violence against women and children. As a Rape Crisis Centre we work with and provide support services to recent as well as historical or childhood survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment and childhood sexual abuse and their families.

What we do:

  • 24-hour crisis and support line
  • Individual counselling
  • Support groups
  • Police, legal and medical accompaniment
  • Court support and advocacy
  • Volunteer training program
  • Public education
  • Resource library and research assistance
  • Public speakers & workshops
  • Student placements
  • Agency referrals

Free 24 Hour Crisis and Support Line: (905) 668-9200

P.O. Box 567, Whitby, ON, L1N 5V3
Tel: 905-444.9672
Email: info@drcc.ca

Sexual assault is a crime.

Legal information from the Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault Support Centre is available here.

Other rape crisis centres and information on sexual violence can be found though the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.