A member of the Herizon House staff recently submitted this poem for the blog. It truly speaks to the struggle that so many women who have been victimized by violence must go through. What an amazing piece!

Every morning, I wake up with a smile
Even though I’ve walked the longest, hardest mile

Staying strong always came natural to me.
Although at times, that was very difficult to see.

I’ve been pushed, shoved, and kicked when I was already down.
Many people mistook me for their clown.

But I am no fool, instead I grew from these experiences and started a new.
I transformed into a stronger person and adjusted my view.

It took a lot of time and much effort to get where I am now.
Loving myself first, to that I vow.

I’m still learning from life day by day.
But I can surely tell you this STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and INDEPENDENT WOMAN is here to stay.

I will always respect myself in every single way.