I Fight Like a Girl

A member of the Herizon House staff recently shared this uplifting poem, relating to the “Like a Girl” campaign that has made some big waves in the name of social media activism for gender equality in recent weeks. This poem portrays the essence of what it truly means to fight like a girl, and highlights the unfair realities that many young girls and women alike are still forced to face in today’s supposedly progressive society.

I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim.
I fight like a girl who is tired of being
I fight like a girl who’s sick
of not being taken seriously.
I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far.
I fight like a girl who OFFERS and
I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of
pent up in her girly body.
I fight like a girl who doesn’t believe in
I fight like a girl who knows that
THIS BODY and THIS MIND are mine.
I fight like a girl who knows that


I fight like a girl who will never allow you
to take more than I offer.
I fight like a girl who FIGHTS BACK.

So next time you think you can distract
from your insecurities by victimizing a girl,
She may be ME and



Herizon House Celebrates Eid!

IMG_0001On July 17, 22, 23, and 24 Herizon House hosted Eid Shopping Days for our in-house residents and outreach clients in preparation for our Eid celebration!

The shopping days, facilitated by our amazing volunteers and administration staff, allowed women who are currently utilizing Herizon House’s services to pick out presents to give to their children for Eid, a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world to mark the end of Ramadan and the month of fasting.

Women were given the option of choosing toys, puzzles, books and craft supplies out of a variety of accumulated donations. The items were then placed in gift bags with tags to be addressed to the clients’ children. 

The much-anticipated Eid celebration will take place on Wednesday, July 30. The festivities will include new clothing gifts for the children, followed by the distribution of presents. After a brief introduction and overview of Eid and the associated traditions, a special dinner will be provided by our fantastic Herizon House cook. To end off the celebration the children will have some fun with cookie decorating and games - the moms will get a special surprise, too, from the Herizon House staff. We can’t wait!

A special thanks goes out to all the staff members and volunteers who put in an enormous amount of effort to organize these events, and of course to all those who provided the donations that made the whole thing possible! Also, you can check out our Facebook page for more pictures of the events.

Eid Mubarak :)

Rebecca Laufer
Social Media Coordinator


Ripple Effect Youth Forum

Youth Forum BoothOn Wednesday, July 23rd, Herizon House had the pleasure of attending the 7th annual Ripple Effect Youth Forum at the Embassy Church in Oshawa, Ontario. The event provided young members of the Youth in Policing program as well as teens from the surrounding communities with an opportunity to learn about diversity, bullying, racism, and other unfortunately prevalent issues.

Herizon House, among other great organizations, was asked to maintain a booth relating to the work that we do and answer any questions that the teens had. To say the least, the level of interest displayed by the various youth was inspiring. Questions such as “Is domestic violence a growing issue?” and “How can I help?” were scattered throughout many kind remarks such as “Thanks for the work that you do.” Many youth that came to the Herizon House booth showed genuine concern when informed of how common the issues of domestic abuse and violence against women actually are.

It was amazing to see firsthand the younger generations so eager to be involved in their community. The Youth in Policing program and events such as the Ripple Effect Forum allow these teens an opportunity to branch out into their communities and utilize their ambition for good. It was clear, seeing the passion for positive change that these young adults possessed, that they have endlessly bright futures ahead of them.

This year marked the first that Herizon House has been a part of the event, and has hopefully started a trend of annual attendance for many years to come. We are proud to have been able to meet these passionate teens – this type of community outreach matched with the eagerness of the youth is the perfect recipe for change. Together we truly can make a difference.

Rebecca Laufer
Social Media Coordinator


Outreach Crisis Counselor

Congratulations to Camille, our Transitional Support Counselor, on the new position! Here is a brief introduction on the services Camille is able to provide as an Outreach Crisis Counselor at Herizon House: Outreach Crisis Counselor Introduction

Rebecca Laufer
Social Media Coordinator


A Myth About Women Who Are Abused

Cycle of Violence imageSmart educated women cannot become victims of domestic violence.

Denise is breaking a sweat as she quickly piles on the thick crayon concealer, in circles around her entire eye. Most mornings, she just blends a few dots of it under her eyes to brighten up from a terrible evening, which led to a restless sleep. But today she is trying to hide the most frightening evening she had ever experienced in their marriage. She is running late, and she cannot be late for her very own project management meeting! Frantically she hides her legs in dark mocha leotards and jumps into her Dior suit, careful to pull her sleeves down as far as they will go. But that’s not going to fool anyone. The scrape down her arm extends to her wrist, so she reaches for her trusty watch with the very wide snakeskin band.

On her way home, the traffic is thick and at a standstill, so she rummages around the glove compartment, then the backseat of her Lincoln MKS, and finds her music that she had hidden from him. Italian overtures make her anxiety attacks during every drive home, almost bearable. He hates classical music and would not allow her to buy any, but she had managed to hide her bonus cheque from him.

Surrounded by Mozart, Denise allows herself to imagine her life as a single, well-employed, and attractive woman. Deep down, she really does know how attractive she is, in spite of his constant criticism about her appearance. An hour a day in their home gym and faithful allegiance to the best skin care products, could not transform her into the arm-candy that he desired. So it was her fault that he had to stray.

And she is aware of how brilliant she is – they bought her campaign today! If he did not demand that she come directly home after each workday, she would have joined her team for a well-deserved dinner celebration. She had spent almost every waking moment, over the last eight months, perfecting her work. Even through the tension building stage, Denise had managed to create her first draft, while simultaneously preparing his favourite dinners in an effort to keep him calm. But by the time she had pitched her first proposal, she could feel his hostility towards her escalating at home, and so she had tread softly in terror, trying to ward off the inevitable violent explosion that had occurred last night. The hefty paycheque that he would force her to sign over to him from a successful campaign, was not enough to save her.

Somehow she had survived. She knows that when she walks through her front door tonight, she will be met by a contrite, charming man holding roses, or a silent stare meant to instill guilt in her for causing him to become so uncontrollably violent.

But this time, she is determined to not go along with the honeymoon stage. A period of false domestic bliss. In the past, it was a stage that had allowed her to believe that their marriage was like everyone else’s, built on a sacred union, witnessed by family and friends in a beautiful fairy tale ceremony. She firmly tells herself that she has suffered this cycle far too many times. This time, she will not be grateful for the quiet evenings before the tension starts building again.

Crisis Intervention Counselor

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